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he started off gung ho about our little game drinking morgans spiced rum. Spiced Rum? What a pussy. Things were warming up quite nicely.

Sadly a couple hours into the filming of this session, slutty al started talking to himself like there really was someone there with him right before passing out on his South Park bed sheets.

More men in panties. smitty measured his tiny cock for me and it looks to be ALMOST four inches. talk about having a small penis! What a real loser dick. smitty likes to wear panties and red lipstick.

sissy panty boy vince....in his brand new pink and black panties.

Sissy Trisha pullin her tiny sissy clit for Mistress Misty and Lord Herb.

sissy panty boy stealing his girlfriend's panties, wearing them, and making a sissy clit squirt in them! ew...These satin panties sure are pretty

loser vince kneeling on raw rice for Mistress, and being sized by a size queen

Jay and his small penis there to be humiliated. Notice the muscles but no manhood. Needed to tell his friends about his shortcuming. He also made me email his girl friends and they responded with lots of laughs at jay's tiny prick. he fantasizes about making the girls a humiliation video under my direction, but he will never go thru with it.

NJ cuckie and his self impposed chastity (with a lil help from me). His attepmt at freezin the key is really lame and would take like an hour to defrost. Technique failure.

Slutty Al and his little dingaling

i love this little panty boy.

this man always tries to impress me. he seems to think his worthless little penis will satisfy me. he even tries to tell me it grows.

wanker marty wouldn't know how to serve a mistress if someone drew him a map. classified loser.

lil dick. this loser loves showing his little penis off to girls and see their reactions when they laugh at how tiny it is. having a tiny cock is a blessing for this dirty birdie. I know this pic is totally on every size queen's loser page, though. Send me something original screwface.

Jason slinging back cum shots. he loves the way I relentlessly humiliate and berate him for being such a disgusting cum slut. Not only does he love cumming, he loves eating it for me too. Fa la la la la bitches

Michele, my belle..showing off her pretty pussy.

This was day 4, I think of chastity project #1069. Each day's check in was monotonous but this one really punched it up. I love how he is begging for freedom, after only 4 days. He knows nothing of true denial.

Slutty katie was a vision in white late sunday night. what a fucking slutbag huh? Takes that dildo like a champ.

First we had a little shaving party. I let little sissy keep a landing strip.

After his first weekend he is already complaining about his pathetic urges.

He sent this to me with the subject line "Jacking to Alyssa". Then he called and I made him sniff my old volleyball shorts.

This brilliant babe is both hung like a midget and dyslexic. Observe his message and the backwards Z. Sissy Vixen, lol. Thanks for the lols you loser.

Jason the little pumpkin slasher finishing off the rest of his candy corn. He's even got some dipping sauce you can see there.

Poor smitty, who bragged in his yahoo status that he was up for a cum and coke. Chug a lug, loser cum eating slut.

This fine specimen of a yuppie loser loser lives in cuckoldry. He has been instructed to sign over all finances to his wife which he does and happily lives on his pitiful allowance, which he uses up on niteflirt, where the girls get paid not to care about him.

Coming this month here at the loser freak show. Click here to find out more details and become a participant. This promo will be running thru December so you have plenty of time to submit your entry and be involved in making this the greatest pumpkin fucker patch on the net. Get your tiny dick out and get ready to perform the most humiliating things. I can't wait to make fun of your little dicks in the pumpkin patch.


loser darren cums through with the completion of another donut assignment. still sitting in his room sniffing his fat, decrepid old neighbors panties, which he paid for with real money.

Heaven's to Betsy! Michele is back and donning her vampire panties. Score another for halloweenis!

It's amazing how many times this crazy motherfuckin loser Jeff has made it to this loser page. Last time we chatted, he wanted to find a surgeon in Bangkok that would whittle his penis down from its natural size to one of the tiny dicked losers you see here on this page. Okay then. Doesn't matter anyway you cocksucking fagot. I don't need to remind you again what a social reject you are...do I?

Now affectionately known as Jason. He got this mask especially for our session. Doesn't he look charming when he is measuring his pathetic cock for halloweenis. Or when he is doing the hula? How about when he is licking up his own loser puddles? It took Jason two years to work up the balls to call me and wasted plenty of ball juice worshiping me from afar. Now his worst fear has come alive.

This is nobody...being a fucking little dildo sucking panty boy

Jeff the cocksmoker and look he sucks his own dick....

This panty sniffer buys his fat neighbor's used panties because it's the best substitute for pussy that this timy limp dick loser can do.

jeff the loser freak drunken shaves off all his body hair after doing the truffle shuffle. then he tried to write my name across his chest but he sucks.

Small guy checking in his small cock with the size queen.

sissy katie dances like a stripper in her sexy black dress and blond wig. This sissy performed a dance called "squat on the dong" for me and then she made cummies on this glass plate, licking up every drop of jizz before calling it a night.

brandy completes her panty assignment and gets miserably measured for his small penis size!

Kiss the Bride Sissy Panties
panty sissy submits relevant response to sissy humiliation assignment. wonder if this bride is still a virgin?

Smitty dresses up in his black lacy body stocking. Look it even has a peep hole for his sissy stick.

What a fat loser. And a teeny tiny dicklet.

male minion my newest piggy. look at his like pathetic dick. He needs a tweezer to play with his small dick- it looks like he's got some male erectile dysfunction. hey little limp dick, cum out to play. Gotta love the sexy red stockings though. what a slutbag.

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