Cuckold with a little dick has a big night

The morning after a sex crazed night, a cuckold with a little dick wanted to get on cam for small penis humiliation with Me. He has always disappointed women with his little dick. Until he met the woman of his dreams. She made a cuckold out of him right away. She embraces his little dick and his shortcomings. It’s nice when guys who would otherwise be useless to women find that special person. His girlfriend is not afraid to make fun of his tiny penis. His girlfriend also is not afraid to go out and get what she wants. And that of course is what all women want: a guy with a large penis…. Something her boyfriend LACKS COMPLETELY. Since little dick knows he cant please her with his own miserable worm, they have an arrangement. He’s the cuckold with a little dick and she is the Queen. Last night her big stud came over to their apartment and played with both of them.

His dick really is pathetically small and limp. It takes a man with a huge cock rubbing against his little one to get his dick hard. He still loves women but is totally content just watching them get fucked while he plays with dicks.


Humiliation Recorded Listing on Niteflirt

Hey boys, I just uploaded a new humiliation recorded listing on niteflirt. I want you to check it out now! It’s perfect if you love eating your own cum, which I know many of you do. It’s a scathing, humiliating audio that will surely have your little dick crying with shame. This new humiliation recorded listing is available only via niteflirt recorded listing system, so if you want to hear it, that is the only way. It will not be for sale with my other humiliation audios at this time. That may change in the future but not anything I see coming soon.

What is coming soon is a few new humiliation recordings for sale in the coming months. Strap on, sissy gang bangs, more cum eating, and of course some small penis humiliation. These new releases will come out from now thru the summer so stay tuned. I know you want to collect all of my humiliation recordings and I like making you wait!!

So check out my new humiliation recorded listing on niteflirt. You need to hear this recording so you know what NOT to do, unless you really like doing that!

Link to my new humiliation recording on niteflirt.
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Time to expose a little dick loser once again….

If there was ever a time to expose a little dick loser, it is right now. Humiliation junkie Little Timmy is a 50 year old loser with a 3 inch penis. He is so pathetic that every woman he’s ever been with dumped him for another man. One of his ex girlfriends decided the best way to expose a little dick loser was to sleep with other guys and call him a pathetic good for nothing boyfriend. But it’s not just his ex girlfriends that feel this way. One time he flashed his mail carrier (a woman) and she only laughed at him and told him to put it away. Since he never gets laid, like ever, his idea of a hot date is spending the night with his hand and a line up of girls taking big cock porn.

When he’s not giving himself blisters from doing too much time with his hand, little timmy loves doing my humiliating assignments and then sending me his results. He knows I love to take a moment to expose a little dick loser like him and let the internet know what a loser really is! If you haven’t seen his pics, they are on my loser page. Can you guess which one is him? Hmmm I can’t remember either, maybe he should send me more so I can continue to ridicule his pathetic little dick. This guy is such a moron that he already gave me his phone number, his full name, and his place of employment. He was all to willing to tell me every personal detail about himself. Good thing I am not one of those girls….and I am not, so long as you always obey my commands. It would be way too easy to expose a little dick loser like him and completely ruin his career. But usually I have better things to do.

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Humiliating theme of the weekend was…

Humiliating theme of this past weekend was….surprise surprise cock sucking humiliation. Closet cocksuckers and cum chuggers. Cock sucking humiliation junkies are second only to my small penis humiliation boys. Every other call that came in was either from someone who’d just sucked a bunch of dick or someone who fantasized about it.

There was a lot of humiliation and name calling going on. Little dick loser fags love the humiliation of being a cock sucker. What is it about sucking cock that is so humiliating for a man? There’s nothing at all wrong with being legitimately gay, but these guys get off on pretending to be homosexual. One guy wanted to be the center of a five guy circle jerk where all the men would verbally humiliate him and spit on him and kick him; generally treating him like the piece of trash that he is. Cock sucking humiliation is so peculiar, but really fun to mess with them.

There’s a few new additions to my loser page. I have been slacking off in a major way with doing loser page updates, mostly it’s because I can’t stand looking at little peen for too long! That’s why I am the Size Vixen, queen of cock sucking humiliation and small penis humiliation. Check em out!

If looking at penises isn’t your thing, that’s great! I don’t blame you. If they aren’t big…what’s the point. Call me on niteflirt and we can talk about your little penis instead, or your cock sucking humiliation fantasies!

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He will never know how to satsify his wife with his tiny penis

Andrea started off as a mere man with a small penis and sexless marriage to an overweight woman. His fetish for sniffing women’s dirty underwear lead him down a path of feminization, which lead to a curiosity in sucking men’s cocks. For a few years he’s experimented with his cock addiction. He believes that it stems from his little dick. Me being a big cock lover and all around small penis humiliator, I have to agree. He can’t even fathom how to satisfy his wife with his tiny penis. So instead of figuring out how to satsify his wife with his tiny penis, or even discussing the idea of cuckolding, this little sissy bitch was the one to go out and seek men with bigger cocks. Haha the irony.

Over the weekend, he went to the glory hole and men made use of his mouth pussy for hours. He was supposed to call me afterwards but he was so drunk on cum that he forgot. He did not call until today! It took him four days to crawl out from under the big dick he was hiding under.

Tonight he has a date with some guy’s big cock. He called me while he was waiting outside his car, in the rain, as he sniffed the dirty panties he stole from his fat wife. He was calling me for encouragement because he heard the guy likes to make little sissy boys take it up the ass. I don’t expect him to call me afterwards, but I know he’s going to read this blog at work tomorrow and recall what a slut he is. If only his boss would walk in and catch him reading my site. She might make him an even sluttier bitch than his date will tonight.

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Shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on small penis shyness. A quick rundown, in it I posed questions on why some men feel the urge to hide their face during cam sessions. A longtime caller pondered it before he fearlessly took me up on my challenge. He revealed his face to me for the first time on our last call together. I was surprised to say he was a lot more attractive than I had conjured in my mind! I really enjoyed conversing with him face to face for the first time. Also like how he overcame his small penis shyness in order to please me. I know- I also reveal very little to the public. I have my reasons. None of which include shyness. I suppose if you are not accustomed to showing your face, jerking off and cumming on cam can be a little harder to do. People make funny faces when they cum. Especially if they are not used to being watched. Not this guy! He didn’t look funny at all when he came. What did look funny was his little dick that he was furiously jerking off in an attempt to prove is manhood to me.

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Loser finds love in the produce aisle

The pindick hippie loser fucks a carrot after falling in love in the produce aisle. He selected two of the succulent orange vegetables and wanted me to pick the carrot that he would use to insert one into his wonder well. He wanted me to really lay into him while he slid the little crudite in his butt. Hahaha after the loser fucks a carrot, he complains that his butt hurts. LOL. He really was butthurt because I found out the REAL reason why he didn’t take FIRST PLACE in the Small Penis Pageant this summer. If it came down to the size of his penis, this loser would have won. But…things didn’t turn out the way he’d planned. Figures this jerk off would be a loser no matter what kind of contest he was in. Losers like that just go on losing for their whole pathetic lives, letting devious women like me turn them into loser puppet shows.
loser fucks a carrot
Plans are in the works for a humiliation movie where I throw plums at his balls. Are you guys as fucking excited as I am? Once a loser fucks a carrot, apparently he will do anything with a fruit or a vegetable! We all know this guy will do anything for my amusement.


How Will You Spend Valentine’s Day?

Of course you will be spending it ON me. You can start your loser Valentine Weekend by getting my newest HUMILIATION PTV GAME. Like the many Valentines that have come before this one, I offer you yet another thrilling, humiliating game sure to leave you feeling a little less alone this year. This humiliation PTV game is a little different from the others, but even more fun and sexy. If you haven’t done the other valentine humiliation ptv games I have, I think you should get them now while they are available at your fingertips. When was the last time you had such a hottie at your fingertips? With your little tiny worthless dick, likely it’s been a long while since you had anything but your own puny manhood at your fingertips. So…make my valentine humiliation ptv game the object of your fingerbanging. You can play the new and the old secret valentine games or you can take the loser valentine quiz. If things get really lonely for you this Friday, you can also use your fingertips to dial my extension on Niteflirt for 1:1 small penis humiliation, sissy play, orgasm denial, and manhood mincing.

Valentine Loser Quiz
Secret Valentine ’13
Secret Valentine ’12

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Cock envy of the pathetic loser

Pathetic loser denied! No, a size queen isn’t lying about her preference for size. Occasionally a man will question my love for big cock. Like he wont believe that the biggest cock I’ve had pushes 12 inches. For some. the idea is unbelievable. Why is that? Some guys have preferences of chest size, hip size, waist size. Everyone has a type and to turn it around on a lady because she’s shallow about something so superficial as a cock, it just makes you seem like a pathetic loser and a whiny fag. Of course it’s superficial, all of that crap is superficial. With the exception of breast size! But the difference between boning a blond or a brunette is not as noticeable as getting boned by a pinky dick vs. a big black cock. A girl is definitely gonna feel the difference there. So you can take your little pathetic dick and keep jerking it to pictures of girls you will never have. Blonde, brunette, ginger. Meanwhile I will continue having my fill of big luscious dick and not even feel guilty about what a bitchy size queen I am :P! Time to accept reality, pathetic loser.


Sissy maid sluts off on cam

Prissy sissy maid dressed up in her best maid outfit, and got on cam to play with herself for me. A good sissy always knows how to coordinate, and this girls is soooo good at picking the cutest things down to the tiniest detail. She’s progressed very well as a sissy. When we first met, she didn’t yet wear a wig. But there’s my girl wearing her bimbo blonde wig now. Sissy maid knows her next achievement will be to part ways with her sexy goatee. It might be sexy on a man but very unbecoming on a sissy maid. She was really sad and horny because her exgirlfriend spend a week at her place and never once initiated sex. There’s a couple of reasons for that. She is your ex for a reason and that reason is probably that you were never man enough. Sissy maid did admit to one or two servings of cream pie while the ex was visiting. How can a sissy maid complain when she’s doing what she does best: cleaning up.
sissy maid
For more screenshots of the little sissy maid playing with her tiny sissy clit, go to my loser page now.

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Little Dick Loser Strikes Again

This little dick loser likes to show off just what a flaming panty wearing cock sucker he is. His passion is for cocks of the biggest kind. He has a collection of nearly 30 gigantic dongs, plus a steady stream of men who come to his house and bang his girlfriend after he sucks on that juicy man meat. This loser’s penis is so small that all he has to do is push it like a button and it disappears. When we played the other day, he tied his signature ribbon around his little dick, then he fixed clothespins all over his tiny testicles, and then finally he compared his little dick to an hilarious assortment of his favorite dildos. One was a big white dick and the other, a big black cock. He also demonstrated how a good little cock sucker chows down on beef stick. Haha he even put whipped cream on them to heighten the arousal. Is this how cock loving cuckolds ring in the new year? This little dick loser does. As pathetic as he may be, without guys like him willing to humiliate himself on cam for me, I would be so much less amused. You know you want to be this guy, you’re probably sitting there rubbing your little dick just thinking about how it would feel to come to my website and see your picture riding the top of my loser page for 2014.

See pics of this little dick loser’s shenanigans on my loser page.

Call me on niteflirt to get humiliated like this little dick loser!

Holidays with Hunter the sissy fag

Hunter spent this holiday season taking advantage of his wife’s shopping sprees. Hunter is a total sissy fag. His wife has no idea that he plays with her toys whenever he’s alone in the house. I think that is so gross. I would dump my hubby if I ever caught him playing with my dildo. It’s just wrong on so many levels. Hunters lifelong fantasy is to be exposed to his wife. I always threaten to tell her if he doesn’t obey me. That’s how I can tell he doesn’t really want to be exposed. That would ruin his fantasy! But no matter what the fantasy is, at the heart of it, Hunter is just a man who loves cock in his ass. He is not alone. 75% of the men I play with online have a secret craving for cock. Sucking it, fucking it, draining it. Cock is all they think about and it’s the only thing that makes their tiny penises hard. I wonder if having a small dick makes a guy predisposed to being a cock craving slut.

Not only does this sissy fag like cock but of course, he loves panties too and has a larger collection of them than his wife does.

I love bringing out the darkest of ideas and desires from men who are weak like this little sissy fag. To watch a guy surrender to his innermost desires is as exhilarating as it is disgusting and scandalous. I think THAT is part of the rush for both me, and my little playthings. The holidays are all about giving and receiving right? I give these aimless, sexually frustrated and confused guys some direction, and in turn they give me loads and loads of entertaining things to share with my girlfriends about the sissy fags and cock lovers that I convert.

I added the pic he sent me to my loser page! Go there to see him and the last of the 2013 updates on the page. Soon it will be time to start a new one for the new year chock full of sissy fag and small penis loser goodness. Remember folks, it’s okay to admit you’re a sissy fag.

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