Hello, I am Mistress Misty, also known as Size Vixen.

I created www.sizevixen.net in 2006 and I’ve been a Humiliation Phone Mistress since 2008.
Humiliating, Using, and Abusing losers like you; exploiting you and your weaknesses for my amusement and pleasure.

Brutally honest size queen specializing in small penis humiliation and loser abusing. Small penis humiliation is what happens when girls like me see tiny dicks like yours. Small dicks are nature’s little punchline!! Ha Ha Ha! With my big long ruler in hand, I will measure you up and tell you what I really think about your tiny penis– prepare to be humiliated and stripped of your manhood. SPH as a fetish may sound scary to a normal man, but to a loser with a small cock, having his little dick laughed at is a huge turn on. Small penis humiliation is a way for otherwise useless little cocks to get some attention. This kind of abuse is reserved for those who like being shamed and emasculated for having a tiny penis.

So, how do you measure up, pathetic panty sniffing loser? Can you handle a little SPH (small penis humiliation) from the Goddess? There is only one way to find out, really. Pick up the phone and call me on Niteflirt for humiliation session because there is no way I would talk to you unless you were paying me by the minute.

Niteflirt isn’t the only way to hear my fucking sweet sadistic voice sooth you to sleep at night. You can download my humiliation mp3s and listen over and over again.

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