My newest little dick loser victim of the week

Newsflash! A little dick calls me. The first words out of his cock-hungry mouth were “How can I earn a place in your stable of little dick losers?” Just another little dick loser looking for his fifteen minutes of fame! I replied that he would have to do something to impress me. Something that would show me how valuable he could potentially be to me. He swore to impress me. Five minutes later, he sends me a picture of his MINISCULE, TINY, ITTY BITTY CLITTY!! He even went the extra inch and compared his little dick to a lighter. As you can see, he’s tiny. Needless to say I was not impressed by this little dick loser’s manhood, it was his eagerness to please me that worked. Then he BEGGED me to put him on my loser page. How can I deny him that little shred of dignity?! The little dick loser of the week is this guy. How can a guy look like such a badass but have such a disappointing, tiny dick? Anyways you can check out the newest updates on the loser page now. Can you handle all that loser?

little dick loser

flick my bic

Little Dick Loser Page Updated Nov 20 2014

Pink Panty Sissy

This pink panty sissy boy has a thing for panties, nightgowns, butt plugs, dildos, and self facials. Last night I spoke with him and he said he’s dying to be on my blog. Hahaha. Here’s the thing. This guy is pretty cute when he’s not making a complete cum dumpster out of himself. I recently put him up on my loser page, but I am gonna do it again. He is one step away from being a cum eater. I am working on totally converting him. Look at all the loser slime that goes to waste on his self facials. He could get so much more out of the experience of extreme humiliation if he ate his own cum, don’t you think? He had the upside down thing all figured out to a T. Truth is he’s a pussy who will never amount to anything more than a wanker and squirt jerk off boy. Maybe someday he will have the courage to become a cum eater. But I don’t even know what kind of goal it is to strive to be a cum eater. Haha only the lowest of the low have what it takes to be a cum eater.
cum eater


Sexy cuckold fantasies

The other night I spoke to a caller who wanted to tell me about an experience he had with his wife on vacation years ago. He’s called me many times before, but he wanted to talk about this experience again. We did a roleplay fantasy where I was his wife and he was himself. In this fantasy I got to talk about all the different guys that were going to come to our hotel room and show me a nice time. It was an incredible cuckold fantasy based on his true experiences. For him it added a lot of realism. He and his wife are still married and he is still a cuckold.

Sexy cuckold fantasies are one of my favorite things about my niteflirt calls. I love hearing about sexual experiences whether nice or nasty. The more embarrassing your experiences the better I like em though. Cuckold callers are fun and the humiliation can be merciless! It’s like small penis humiliation with a twist. A cuckold always knows his place in the relationship is on the outside looking in. The knowledge that one’s penis isn’t big enough is intensified when confronted with another man doing it better.

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Just saw ‘Unhung Hero’

unhungWe saw Unhung Hero over the weekend. It was on our Netflix list for a long time, so we finally put it on. Unhung Hero is a documentary about a dude with a small penis and his journey to find penis enlightenment. For a guy with such a small penis, he really gets around. He travels the world in search of how to grow his penis through natural penis enhancement, opinions on size, and support from others, as well as to raise awareness. As far as women are concerned, they scorn his little penis. Especially humiliating is his girlfriend, who rejects his hand in marriage because his penis is too small to satisfy her long term.

Unhung Hero, is a truly informative documentary. It takes a hard look at a sensitive subject and makes it easy to watch by the masses who don’t even know about small penis humiliation. It’s got elements of small penis humiliation, but at the same time, it evokes a sense of sympathy for his plight (and all other men who are under endowed). He did a brave thing putting himself out there in a way that would educate and entertain. In a way, that is what makes this guy go from rejected small penis loser to an unhung hero. See Unhung Hero so we can talk about it when you call me on niteflirt. We can talk about all the scary and crazy things he does to his penis in the name of research.

Summertime shenanigans on my loser hall of shame

Humiliation of all kinds in my newest loser page update. Pathetic penis humiliation lol. Another one so soon you say? Yep, these losers have it bad these days. Not to be outdone by the sissy in my last post, the pindick hippy wanted his fair share of weener fame. This is some vintage footage of the pindick hippy doing god knows what with a jar of peanut butter in my honor. I am kind of flattered, but also mildly annoyed that there isn’t some more recent antics. See his home made pathetic penis humiliation sex tape on my loser page.

Also added in the most recent update: One jackoff’s birthday tribute to me in the form of dick torture. I lost track of how many things this guy stuck in his hooter, but thankfully I took pics, and if you’re brave you can check that out too. It’s all there, I didn’t censor a thing! The other random assortment of newly posted dicks include the infamous sissy being a clitty puller, jeff coburn being a cocksucker, and a loser completing a few small penis humiliation assignments for me. So many small penis humiliation junkies, so little time this summer. Penis humiliation, small and large.

Small penis humiliation sessions with me are available on niteflirt. After seeing what these guys are willing to do for me, you can tell you’ll be in for a wild ride.

Loser Page

Nasty cocksucking sissy mini movie

I know this little cocksucking sissy is gonna be surprised to see this post. He messed up BIG TIME and now I am getting revenge on him. He didn’t want me to put the link up for his nasty cocksucking sissy video. But here it is!! Sissy Sean you are in big trouble mister!! There is only one way I will remove this link, and you know what it is baby! Make it happen or make deal with the fact that you’re a nasty cocksucker. I have threatened this little bitch for a long time with this link, and now he’s finally done himself in.


tinycocksissyVideocallsnapshot 42 Nasty cocksucking sissy mini movie

Whoo hoo, a loser page update

SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION LOSER PAGE UPDATE!!! Been awhile since I posted one of these. Lots of losers have been turning up for some fun.

One guy sent pix of his measurement and then wrote “I’ve been sized by the Size Vixen” on his sexy torso. I like the little girlie action figure as a comparison. What a thoughtful way of showing how little your dick is. Kind of makes you wonder why a grown man would have a doll like that laying around that he can rub his dick on. Ew. He totally gets small penis humiliation and all of its nuances.
small penis humiliation
Next we have a donut boy. These are my favorite kind of donuts, and it does indeed make the donut look even yummier doesn’t it? So yummy that he probably didn’t even taste the nasty cum all over it as he gobbled it down like a little piggy!!

Old guy in a hotel room uses his coffee stirrer to put in his penis hole. Yes, this guy is sick. He thrives on doing humiliating things to his dick. It was kind of sad that his way of dealing with his little penis is to treat it like a vagina. He even made it bleed by accident! There’s one way to ruin a good time.

Another small penis humiliation slut, Jeremy Ewing takes it in the ass in a 54 sec video he posted of himself. I love how raw and graphic it is. What a slut. Jeremy Ewing is a total sissy fag.

Last but not least, a tiny cock sissy fag in a small penis humiliation session with me. He dressed in his maid outfit that evening and rode his gigantic black dildo. I just love playing with sissy cam sluts. They are so adorable!

I am sure there are more pics that I didn’t get around to posting. Between small penis humiliation calls and and being an awesome goddess, I have been busy.


Call me on niteflirt for small penis humiliation phone, casual chat, or whatever makes your little dick wiggle and giggle. Oh wait. I am gonna be the one giggling. lol.

All aboard the sissy train !!

The other night I was on the phone with a guy, and I was transforming him into a sissy. I had him stripped down and wearing pink panties to cover up his little sissy bits and we were getting him all ready to be a perfect sissy fag for me. At one point I told him “All aboard the sissy train” and then he goes “CHOO CHOO”. HaHaHa….He did this of his own accord, not instructed to by me. I thought it was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. I’ve heard a lot of funny things from sissies, losers, and normal guys alike. I have seen them do and say just about anything to make me laugh at them, but this guy’s spontaneity was refreshing! I was pleasantly surprised hehe. One of the sexiest things about a man is his sense of humor…but he only stands a chance with me if he has a big penis. Sorry all you funny small guys out there. Your gift of humor wont save you from your tiny penis.

If you wanna get on the sissy train, call me and we can talk all about what a sissy fag you are, how much you love cock, and how you are going to wear filly pink panties on your adventure at the glory hole!

Chastity challenge: little d takes on orgasm denial

phlildavmeasure4Orgasm denial…is such an interesting fetish. It is one of my favorite things to do to to little dick losers. There is something SO satisfying about denying you the right to cum! I guess it’s part of my sadistic side. Little D is one guy who likes to practice orgasm denial. I say “practice” because up until now, has a tendency to be very enthusiastic about it for two weeks or so, then his willpower begins to waver. Then he finally gives into temptation, usually in the midst of his begging temper tantrum. Or he might cave and call an escort to fuck him in defiance. That’s fine. I have fun while it’s happening and if he chooses to be that indignant, then it’s game over. NEXT! But this time I added a secondary challenge to the usual orgasm denial and extremely mean teasing. I measured his dick before he put the numbered lock on. Next time he gets measured will be June 29, which is 30 days later. I am curious to see what it is really doing to his already damaged manhood. He wont be allowed to cum until labor day. He is very ambitious but in the end, I am pretty sure he will fail! I’d be genuinely surprised if he makes it though this year’s orgasm denial challenge. Of course I am always rooting for him….but I can tell…he is getting weak!!!



The boy who came too fast…

This is the story of a premature ejaculating loser. The story of the boy who came too fast. He was on his knees for me and he was licking and kissing a pic of my ass. He was also jerking his little dick…and the little shit came so fast. He tried to be sneaky about it but I could see that he had a little accident. First be tried to play it off like it didn’t happen. Of course I caught him and he was then very nervous and apologetic for being a premature ejaculating loser. I was enjoying his little show when this happened so as you can imagine I was a little ticked at him for not even asking permission to cum. He just oopsy squirted and then acted like an ashamed dog. Some men just get so excited when they speak with me that they can’t help cumming fast. Premature ejaculating goes hand in hand with a small penis. Even guys who struggle to even had an erection somehow muster the strength to not only stand at full attention, but cum very fast when they talk to me. My sexy voice and words that slaughter your ego can be too much to handle it seems. It can be flattering but also, very disappointing because who wants to play with a guy that cums to fast? Premature ejaculating is a huge let down.

Call me on niteflirt and let’s talk about your little penis… and see how long you can last- hopefully longer than this guy.

I bring you fresh humiliation mp3 s !!

Hey guys, just stopping by to post about my new humiliation mp3 recordings. “Worship My Ass”, “Fail Proof Cum Eating Instructions”, and “Me and My Strap on”. All three make a great little snack when you are feeling rejected and lonely on these hot nights. Each one is a little different but they are all must haves if you collect all my recordings. Next humiliation mp3 updates will be a couple of old ones that I rerecorded. Then hang tight for a new orgasm denial recording coming soon. Buy the new humiliation mp3 recordings now and thank me later. I can’t wait for you to listen to them and feel like a humiliated loser. All I do is tell the truth and you little guys jerk off to it, Haha. I love making new recordings for you to wank to.

Worship My Ass!
An ass worship and humiliation mp3. You better worship my ass just the way I like it little slave boy. Lick Sniff and worship my ass!!
Fail Proof Cum Eating
In this humiliation mp3, you get detailed cum eating instructions (and jerk off instructions) for eating your own cum…upside down!!
Me and My Strap on
My second strap on humiliation mp3 is not for the weak. It’s a humiliating account of what happens when you meet me gigantic dildo.

Panty tips courtesy of my sissy panty slut

When you want to be a good sissy panty slut, the right panties can make all the difference. Lots of men throw on a pair of women’s panties without a care as to how it looks to me. Sometimes it looks like you bought your panties from the bargain bin at the Dollar General. They do nothing to add any femininity to your look. What you need to do is find a pair of panties that has good coverage. Resist the urge to show skin, especially if you have a nasty hairy ass. My blond bimbo sissy knows how to choose really nice things to wear. Especially when it comes to panties, stockings, and shoes. And dildos lol. I put some new photos on the loser page from our cam session the other night. My bimbo sissy panty slut admitted to me that masturbating 10 times a day is not unusual. Masturbating 10 times a day seems like the biggest waste of time on the planet. How much sexy time do you really need with yourself? Anyway by the time she shaved her legs and did her makeup, it was 2 am. But that didn’t stop this sissy panty slut from pole dancing on a big dildo for me.

Since my last post, I updated my loser page a few more times besides the sissy panty slut. Seems like the time of year for little losers to come out and play. In this thrilling update we have not just my little bimbo sissy, but also pindick jerking off with tweezers, old man sticking a pen in his pee hole and little dick steve doing what he does best: jerking his tiny prick on cam. It always amuses me to see what you losers like to do to get off. Little dick stever’s cam session included lots of face to face in response to my blog post on showing face on cam. But don’t get excited. I didn’t post his face on my blog. He found a way to convince me not to and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


Do you want to see what it feels like to be humiliated while I watch you? Wanna show off what a good little sissy panty slut you are? For every pic I post on my loser page, there are ten more losers who didn’t make the cut. Call me on niteflirt and let’s connect on skype or yahoo so I can watch you on cam, and if you are lucky, you can view mine.