Holiday Humiliation Greetings

Image1aDo you feel like a loser because no one sent you a Christmas card? Well you should, but don’t be sad, Size Vixen has got your Holiday hook up. Five Hotties have season’s greeting for you. All you have to do is lick the stamp!! LOL

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Holiday Humiliation Assignments

So I was bored today and made up some humiliation assignments that you guys can do during this festive season. They are both cum eating assignments and you can be sure they are as fun as they are humiliating.

The first one is “Holiday Eggnog”
You can guess what this is about lol!!

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And the other one is “Cookies with Santa”
It might be harder to guess what this one is about but it’s brutally humiliating!
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Merry Holidays Losers!! There’s a few more goodies to stuff in your stocking coming this month.

A secret confession!

I just read an email from a longtime little dick sub.

“If I told you I had a large cock would you believe me?”

OH MY! I have seen this guy on cam and he’s sent me a ton of pics thru the years! I love secret confessions. How will this one go???!!!! ~Truth or Fiction ~


Hello little dicks and losers!

Hey little dicks and losers. Your queen of small penis humiliation has been very busy lately, but I haven’t forgotten about you boys. Hopefully you have all missed me as much as I have missed you guys. Haha just kidding, I haven’t missed your nasty little dicks at all!

My favorite time of year is afoot, Halloween and I have many fun things planned for humiliation horrors. Meanwhile if you want some fun humiliation games check out my newest ptv “Back to School” available now on niteflirt and my website.


I will be away in the evenings every weekend this month but you can always call me after midnight for spooky times and sexy late night fun. Please be aware that I will probably not want to watch cam if you call me when I am sleeping though.

If you have any requests or suggestions for this Halloweenis, send me a message!

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Losers on Display: Loser Page Update

Hey boys, I know you’ve all been waiting for another loser page update. You probably sit there day after day refreshing it over and over waiting for new stuff don’t you? Well here it is, small as can be!

Sometimes I just gotta make you wait for it.

This new loser page includes Sissy Marty, Fat Erica and a couple other cuties. Sissy Marty could use a shave and Fat Erica’s little dick is shrinking.

Loser page update!!

Small Penis Humiliation Line
Call me and get on cam. If you are a good boy, I wont threaten to post your pics on my next loser page update!!

SPH Stories… Tales of SPH: Risky Ventures

My SPH stories are now being sold on Amazon. So if you have wanted to read my stories, but have not signed up for Niteflirt, now you can just buy them on Amazon to download and read on your kindle, tablet or smartphone.

The first Volume in my SPH Stories collection is called:
Tales of SPH: Risky Ventures which includes 4 short erotic fiction stories of humiliation. The stories included in this volume are Debra the Great, Sorority Cuckold, Night Watchman, and Pool Party. All four sph stories are packed with high adventure and lots of humiliation. What a perfect combination.

Tales of SPH: Risky Ventures

sph stories

A new and different type of humiliation audio

Hey guys! I just created a brand new and different type of humiliation recording and you have to check it out. It is all about the ultimate feminization transformation. It’s called Guy to Girl. You should buy it now and listen to it because it is fantastic! Everything I do is fantastic. IF you are looking for something outside of the box, so to speak, this humiliation audio will offer you a different type of humiliation than you are used to from me, but still humiliating, hot, and sexy! Get it now. Listen to it immediately and often.

different type of humiliation audio guy 2 girl
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My newest humiliation audio: Guy 2 Girl

For more humiliation mp3s check out my other humiliation recordings. I also take requests if I am not too busy doing other things. If you are interested, send me a message through niteflirt. I will let you know immediately if I can do it or not (or if I want to hehe).

The truth about size humiliation

The other night I spoke to a man who called my humiliation phone sex line on Niteflirt. He confessed that he was watching his favorite type of porn: Black guy on white girl. He said how hard his little dick was and you can guess what happened next. Lots of humiliation and little dick jerk off instructions. Then he squirted like a little loser dick. Before hanging up with me he giggled like a school girl and blurted out that his dick was really 12 inches long.

I get this a lot, where a guy will admit that his dick isn’t really that small. Of course that is all subjective and I bet their dick is too small by my standards. but suffice to say that some men who engage with me don’t really have severe mental issues because of their cock size. They just like the whole size humiliation thing and get off on being humiliated. Which is great cuz I kinda find it erotic when a guy gets off on my humiliation. So okay you want to come clean that you do not really have a small penis. Like you have something to PROVE to me. Like it’s gonna make me say “Omg fuck me plz!!” But get real. If your cock was 12 inches you would be in my bed and not on the other end of the line. Any kind of penis size humiliation is fun, even if it is a total fantasy. That’s what it’s all about

It amused me greatly afterwards. So much that I had to mention it here.

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Small penis shyness in losers is still a thing

A long time ago I wrote a post about shy boys not showing their face on cam called Small Penis Shyness. Since then, I have seen many of you flash me your face in cam sessions. I really like that. Even if I don’t always get on cam and show face, I really appreciate that you go out of your way to embarrass yourself even more for me.

Last week, a follower of mine contacted me on chat and told me he was going to finally call me, after knowing me for over a year. He told me once that it was the post on small penis shyness in losers who call me that really made him take an interest in doing a session with me. Glad I can help inspire your humiliation.

Well now I know why this complete loser was so afraid to call me for so long. He’s got a tiny penis, likes wearing panties, enjoys mild ball beatings, and takes viagra just to jerk off PLUS he has a very special sex toy. He likes to use his starwars light saber to fuck his own skanky ass!

Anyway I have the pics to prove it on my loser page, where you can find all the other losers….some who are afraid, and some who are not, of showing their face on cam for a humiliation session.

Losers doing humiliating things

losers doing humiliating thingsSo I’ve been told that it’s been awhile since my last update. What can I say? I have been too busy humiliating men to actually write about it.

But my newest loser page update will not disappoint. Not only are there some new losers doing humiliating things for you to wank your little dick too, but now you have the option to comment on my loser updates right on the loser page! Awesome right?! Now you can tell me exactly how you feel when you see losers doing humiliating things that you only wish you had the balls to do to yourself. Or do you? Haha.

One of the first callers in the new year was cuckold hunter. The one who regularly plays with his wife’s dildo. That’s because she doesn’t need it anymore with her new BBC boyfriend. Now she’s given him her blessings to use it whenever he wants. She revealed to him that she already knew he played with her toys.

A little gay loser dick was dumb enough to send me a picture of him sucking another man’s penis. It went up on my loser page straight away. So quickly, that I forgot to blur his face out. Instead of getting his panties in a twist over that, the sucker sent me another picture of him sucking the guy’s dick. Hahaha. That one didn’t make it to the site.

Brad, the lovely shy boy makes a splash with his measurement assignment. Love the writing on his body. In fact, there’s a few body artists this batch. Gotta say, I love seeing men write derogatory things on their bodies in my name. I want this to be the year of writing humiliating and derogatory things on your body. As far as losers doing humiliating things, this is one of my favorite things!!

Also making an appearance is Sean the Sissy, who can never get a boner because his manhood is shit!! He tries so many times but look at him! If this Fraulein doesn’t get you going there is something wrong with you!! LOL Just kidding. I have been telling this bitch to shave her goatee for years now. Now that he finally has, he lost his wig in the move. Or he sold it for a dollar menu feast at Mc Donalds, I can’t remember.

Tommy the Tiny also got nailed on the loser page. He got piss drunk and almost started crying as I berated him for being a loser dick. He was so frustrated trying to calculate the missing inches of his manhood that he stuck the pencil in his pee hole again. Then he paid me to blur his written name on his chest.

All in all an exciting start to 2015 seeing all these losers doing humiliating things. Stay tuned for more awesome humiliation content and updates like my loser page and my mp3s.


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Happy holidays losers!

Ring in the holidays with a new Size Vixen mp3…Made just for my little loser boys!

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season. I just made a BRAND NEW recording of my visit with Santa. I told him all about what a naughty lady I have been this year. If you wanna hear more, you’ll have to download it. You know you can’t resist a good Size Vixen mp3.

Buy the new Size Vixen mp3 now :)

size vixen mp3

And you boys know that I also have lots of other holiday humiliation stuff you can buy, but this was my first holiday audio. There’s videos, stories, assignments and games there too. Check it out and spend all your holiday allowance on my stuff. If you’re looking to get on Santa’s nice list, I strongly suggest you send your friendly neighborhood Size Vixen a nice hefty amazon tribute. Santa likes that and I order him gourmet cookies off amazon so send send send.

This year, for Christmas, we are staying home and having dinner here with everyone. That means you will have more luck trying to reach me once you’ve dealt with the disappointment that Santa has once again denied your wish for a bigger penis. So while she’s playing with that new vibe you got her, you can call me! Hahaha