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the purple panties of anonymity
little dick loser

sissy assignment!
man panties

hes not shy
little dick loser

Lil dick shows off
little dick loser

Sissy Sean
sissy humiliation
big black dildo

Sissy sean is at it again!

cocksucker humiliation cocksucker humiliation

Not only is this the year of losers doing humiliating things like writing on their body with markers, but it is also the year of the cocksucker. Lester the fag thought that I would be too grossed out to post these pics on my loser page. He thought I would be nice and put them on a “private page” where I put lots of his other nasty pics on. You know you’re a real man once you’ve earned your own private page on sizevixen.com. Hahaha

Dumb Ass Loser with a Sissy Clit

cock humiliationcock humiliation
cock humiliationcock humiliation
cock humiliationcock humiliation

Writing instrument therapy for losers doing humiliating things on cam for me.


sissy humiliationsissy humiliation

Sissy slut pegs himself with a big black dildo after being rejected by his hot female roommate.

Loser with a little dick: proof

little dick loser

Starting the new year off right.

DC slut

little dick

What happens in Washington DC Stays in Washington DC, until you become a cam slut and let me take pics of you on cam.

Brad Measured and Branded

little dick measured

Brad wanted to show me what a little dick loser he is!

suck a dick

little dick loser bic lighter

It was a challenge taking on that big cock, but this sissy fag did it easy peasy.


Little Dick Humiliation


  • Sissy Sean on January 15, 2015 at 5:43 pm said:


    Omg, beyond humiliating… i can’t believe she didn’t blur my face! I guess I deserved it for not giving enough $$$. :(

  • Gotta love Misty. There is no female better at publicly shaming men. She will not hesitate to show your face, reveal your genitals, publicize your real name and, best of all, verbally castrate you on her blog. But be careful what you wish for, because once she un-mans you, it will live on Google forever …

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