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This audio is a little different from my usual stuff, but if you love hearing me dominate a guy, then you will love it. It is about a guy who transforms into a girl after drinking an enchanted potion. It is hot and sexy, and a little bit strange. Be a good boy and buy it now!!

Worship My Ass!
On your knees. It’s time to worship and glorify my hot irresistible ass and your getting the full experience with this MP3. You can practically taste the Goddess.

Fail Proof Cum Eating
Cum eating instructional. It’s not enough to just want to eat your own cum. You need a fail proof way to do it. Learn how to really succeed at being a complete cum eating loser!

Me and My Strap on
My Big Strap on your little sissy ass. It’s a date :) Grab your lube and your dildo for this humiliating mp3
little dick sissy humiliation
Slumber PartyWhat girls do at a sleepover :) And what we do to sissies like you!
orgasm denial diet
Orgasm Denial DietOrgasm denial diet is a little penis torment with denial and extreme chastity.
small penis humiliation rejection
Small Penis RejectionListen to a recording of me rejecting a loser with a small penis
cum eating lesson
Cum Eating LessonMotivational cum eating lesson for losers that want to eat their own cum
brutal verbal beat down
Pure MeanGet verbally humiliated and abused as I tear down your ego.
boyfriend little dick humiliation
Little Dick BoyfriendA size queen telling the cold hard truth to her less than well endowed new boyfriend.
panty thief
Panty ThiefThis pervert gets caught sniffing my dirty panties. Then he gets humiliated.
tiny dick virgin loser
The Little Wimp that Couldn’tA little story about a loser and his lucky night. Read by the Size Vixen
tiny dick sissy humiliation
Lunch Break Loser LineLike to jerk your little dick in the office on your lunch hour? Lunch time jerk off loser line.
tiny dick sissy humiliation
The Panty PartySissy at the Panty Party gets out of control
small penis humiliation phone call
The Phone CallTalking to my friend about how I humiliated your tiny penis after our first date.
tiny dick sissy humiliation
Tiny Dick Sissy HumiliationSissy with a man clit is forced to wear panties and beg to suck my strap on.
masturbation addiction
Chronic WankerYou are a compulsive masturbation addict. I know just what you need to hear.
masturbation addiction
Cum Eating PunishmentPanty sniffing tiny dick loser
gets owned by my strap on and a glass full of his cum.
small penis humiliation audio
Small Dick Sex ClubSissy boys with little dicks go to the small dick sex club.

orgasm denial cuckold

Orgasm Denial Diet

A collection of cuckold small penis humiliation recordings. A five volume set.

Contact me thru niteflirt mail if you are interested in a custom humiliation recording. I specialize in size humiliation, sissy humiliation, cum eating lessons, and cuckold humiliation.

*My custom humiliation audios are available upon request, but subject to time constraints. The best way to initiate a custom audio is to send me a message on niteflirt, or to my email or IM if you are lucky enough to know the name.

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