Smallest Penis Contest 2013 Results

Smallest Penis Contest Update. Pindick participated in the Small Penis Contest aka “Pageant” in NYC last month. How many other men turned out for this small penis contest event? Tons apparently. I can’t believe that Pindick made it made it. That is taking your fetish for small penis humiliation to a whole new level of reality. It’s one thing to get humiliated by a Goddess via cam or phone, but it’s another game when you get up on stage in front of the media and make an ass of yourself and your “manhood”. Anyway, Pindick traveled from Minnesota to NYC to show off his junky junk. I was not sure if I could believe him until I saw the pictures. His paegant name was befitting “Rip Van Dinkle” LOL LOL LOL! Read my smallest penis contest blog post

These sites have some great pics and coverage:
A (NSFW) Dispatch From The Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Competition

Dickin’ around at the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant

“One 55-year-old divorcé who called himself Rip van Dinkle flew in from Minnesota to shake his shrimpy spigot before 100 onlookers.”
New York Post


So there you have it, folks. The world’s first small penis competition (that I’ve heard of ). Kind of funny, kind of gay. But every little dick deserves it’s day. Hahaha. I wonder if there will be another one next year. If there is, I hope even more losers turn up for their 15 minutes of fame.

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  • I have to thank the Size Vixen for telling me, “you should go,” otherwise I might have chickened out. It was very, very fun. Probably the most humiliating moment was standing on the bar, when the bar manager, Aimee Arciuolo, measured our little manhoods with a tape measure while the crowd hooted (the best pics of this are on Gawker’s “Dodge and Burn” photo page). As for next year … I’m sure they’ll do it again. Miley Cyrus sent a tweet to Cosmopolitan complaining that she had not been invited to the pageant, and said she wants to host AND emcee next year! I think the Size Vixen should join her as a judge …

  • Douglas t. Gugel aka tinypp sissy on February 2, 2014 at 12:11 pm said:


    Douglas t. Gugel aka tinypp sissy should win this contest hands down he has the tiniest pinkyfinger sized microdick in the world even tinier when limp ! He should be crowned tiniest dick & balls sissy wimp fag ever !!!

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